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ElderCare University

ElderBenefit welcomes you to our educational forum. We have provided pre-recorded information for you regarding various topics of ElderCare. If you would like to speak with a Senior Care Consultant afterwards, please call 866-423-9877.

Physical & Mental Conditions of Aging

Typically, in later life there is a strong association with several chronic health conditions that can affect physical and mental health.

Living Arrangements

When caring for an aging family member nearby or from a distance, making the most appropriate living arrangements requires knowledge of housing options, awareness of community resources and assurance that your aging family member is in a safe environment.

Financial & Legal Assistance

Making informed financial and legal decisions are critical to successfully managing the affairs of an aging family member. You'll learn about long term care insurance, sources for paying medical expenses and federal benefits such as Social Security, SSI, Medicare and Medicaid. Discover strategies for protecting your family member and his/her assets.

Program of Interest - Self Help for the Caregiver

Informal caregiving is a challenging, yet rewarding experience. Understanding how to balance responsibilities by taking care of your needs and involving others helps manage the natural stress and isolation of being a caregiver.

Dealing with Changes

Change is the most predictable aspect of caregiving. You can expect to have strong feelings as you manage the role and responsibilities of caring for an aging family member. Coping with these changes successfully is the key to having a fulfilling and satisfying caregiving experience.